Bahija Belly Dance

Bahija dances for the sheer JOY of it!

Family-friendly entertainment to help make your celebrations memorable!

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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Flirtatious and fun! Choreographed loosely by Bahija, and joyfully danced in Lansing, Michigan, USA in April 2017.
This style of dance from Saudi Arabia focuses on the movements of the hair, chest, dress of the dancer. In this choreography, some of the Khalleegy movements themselves reflect the lyrics of the song, in which the singers declare their love for each other.

What happens when the Lebanese community invites a dancer to help celebrate culture? Dancing, singing, clapping, smiling, lots of fun! Family friendly improvization for the Monseigneur, invited guests, festival goers. Thanks to Ziad Hage for sharing his video footage.

At a recent hafla, where the atmosphere was relaxed and the company of other dancers and friends was comfortable and fun, many of us enjoyed being both performer and audience over the course of the evening. This is just a short clip, caught on a cellphone.

A moving song, sung by Ruby, describing how a woman's love for a man will not be changed regardless of his actions or words. An improvisation, or free dance, in an expressive style that blends modern varieties of Egyptian cabaret dance. Originally performed 2014 at "Shiver and Shimmy" in Regina, SK Canada, hosted by Azura, and performed many times in many variations since then.

Back in the fall of 2007, Karim Nagi visited DancEgypt in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, where we as dancers participated in his dance and rhythms workshops over 2 days, and he graciously performed in a stage show at the Broadway theatre.

More videos available on YouTube!

Bahija Belly Dance