Bahija Bellydance

Bahija dances for the sheer JOY of it!

Family-friendly entertainment to help make your celebrations memorable!

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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The Routine – what your audience expects (1 hr)

            - Especially helpful for the soloist and for small groups wishing to perform for Middle Eastern audiences, this workshop will outline the stages of the traditional Egyptian routine, including rhythm progressions, energy levels, movement suggestions and costuming guidelines.

Plan of Attack: How the greats did it (1 hr)

            - An experiential session of the unique movement styles of the famous ladies who brought Raqs Sharqi to the big screens and continue to do so today. Learn their signature moves and identify how they’re done, to inform your own practice!

Folkloric Focus (1-2 hr each) 

- Basic foot patterns, movements of the hips, arms, hands, head and torso, costuming guidelines and simple choreographies in any of the following unique styles:

Khaleegy (Saudi)

Ghawazee (Benat Mazin)

Bedouin (Western Desert)

Nubian (south Egypt)

Saiidi (Upper Egypt)

Hagallah (Lybian style)

Melaya Leff (Cairo)

Baladi (Egyptian)


Dance workshops are offered in a mirrored dance studio with free parking in Windsor, Ontario. Dates are subject to studio availability. Workshops in this list can be arranged for individual study or teacher training, private group flat-rates, or offered on a per-person basis. Pick one, two, or several to make a “girls weekend” out of it!

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