Bahija Bellydance

Bahija dances for the sheer JOY of it!

Family-friendly entertainment to help make your celebrations memorable!

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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 Improving your Improv – how to enhance your free dance (90min)

            - Practical experiences of the many ways we can expand our movement vocabulary, by changing aspects of any given movement. This workshop would be beneficial for both the dancer and the choreographer.

Improvisation options: Adverbial dance (1hr)

            - How you dance is just as important as what you do! Let’s get some practice with adverbs to both enhance and connect our performance to itself and to the music.

Focus and Distance (1hr)

            -Learn how to alter your performance, ever so subtly, to appropriately perform on a big stage or in someone’s living room. Excellent for new performers.

You Move me More, Baby! (1 hr)

            - Dancers explore planes of movement and smooth transitions, mainly focusing on stationary work and body awareness. This is exceptionally helpful for baladi and other slower pieces.

Movement Exploration – how to really expand on what you do (2hrs)

            -A structured exploration of creative movement, examining and experimenting with the Elements of Dance. This workshop can be useful for all dancers regardless of genre, but will be especially helpful for budding choreographers and for those who improvise regularly in forms other than Raqs Sharqi. Let’s get really creative!

Under your Spell (2hrs)

            - Learn a fun and easy technique to developing your own choreographies, keeping a whole troupe coordinated through challenging passages, and which can be altered for intense expression or playful improvisation. Teacher’s guide for further exploration is included with 2hr session. A shortened version can be offered in 1 hour if requested.


Dance workshops are offered in a mirrored dance studio with free parking in Windsor, Ontario. Dates are subject to studio availability. Workshops in this list can be arranged for individual study or teacher training, private group flat-rates, or offered on a per-person basis. Pick one, two, or several to make a “girls weekend” out of it!

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